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Everyday Cleaner & Endurance Coating 32 oz. COMBO PACK

Everyday Cleaner & Endurance Coating 32 oz. COMBO PACK

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This product is not available for purchase in California.

Superstratum Everyday Cleaner and Endurance Coating

Mycotoxins left behind by mold can seriously affect those with sensitive immune systems or genetic mutations like MTHFR. And to make matters worse, many who are affected by mycotoxins are also sensitive to today’s toxic cleaning chemicals. Despite this problem, there has never been a product proven to destroy poisonous mycotoxins trapped in our homes.

Superstratum Everyday Cleaner & Endurance Coating

The Superstratum Everyday Cleaner & Endurance Coating Combo Pack is the perfect introduction to our revolutionary mycotoxin cleaning technology. This powerful duo is at the core of the Superstratum technology. Start by using the Everyday Cleaner to eliminate mycotoxins, then apply the Endurance Coating. This simply and straightforward process creates a dry-film that is protected from mold growth for years – even in wet conditions.

Superstratum Everyday Cleaner - Powerful and Effective. Natural and Gentle.

Introducing Superstratum Everyday Cleaner. Crafted with specially manufactured Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), our cleaner powerfully breaks down mycotoxins, leaving nothing in your home but harmless salt. And because HOCl is made inside your own body, you don’t have to worry about how your chemical sensitivities might react.

Don’t Believe Us? Let’s Talk Data.

Developed over two years with extensive third-party laboratory testing, Superstratum is proven to destroy the mycotoxins left behind by mold in your home. But don’t take our word for it. Study our groundbreaking white paper.

Destroys Mycotoxins and Other Chemical Contaminants

Everyday Cleaner will give you the benefit of a home purified of mycotoxins and other chemicals without affecting your chemical sensitivities.

12-Month Shelf Life

You can store Superstratum Everyday Cleaner easily for up to a year, so it’s always ready when you need it.

Biodegradable Formula

HOCl is a chemistry that leaves behind only salt, so you never have to worry about toxic chemicals left in your home.

Superstratum Endurance Coating

Introducing Superstratum Endurance Coating. Endurance Coating is the next generation of indoor/outdoor coatings. When applied to a surface, Endurance Coating’s proprietary technology forms an invisible, breathable dry film that contains preservatives to completely prevent the growth of mold and mildew on its surface. The abrasion resistant film can last for years while encountering water over and over – yet it will continue to stay protected from mold growth.

Ideal Uses:

  • Indoor: Basements, crawlspaces, air filters, ductwork, wood framing, carpet, windows, bathrooms
  • Outdoor: Decks, stone, brick, concrete, siding, shingles


  • Performance When Wet: Endurance Coating’s long-lasting performance allows you to prevent mold growth on its surface, even in the wettest conditions.
  • Peace of Mind: The long-term resistance of Endurance Coating gives you the peace of mind that no matter the conditions, wherever you apply Endurance Coating, it will remain protected from mold.
  • Fewer Applications: Because of Endurance Coating’s enduring performance, you save time and energy. Apply it once and get back to living.

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