Smart Polymer Coating
Smart Polymer Coating
Smart Polymer Coating
Smart Polymer Coating

Smart Polymer Coating

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  • This is a COATING – Cleaners and disinfectants are meant to remove mold and microbe growth. But despite hundreds of products that clean black mold, there has never been an invisible and breathable coating that can prevent stain and odor causing mold and microbial growth on its surface for years in undisturbed locations and months in high-traffic areas.

  • Once it is clean. Keep it clean – Step 1: clean the surface with Superstratum Everyday Cleaner. Step 2: Spray Superstratum Smart Polymer Coating and let dry || Showers and bathrooms – coating protected for 10 weeks
    || Outside the home – coating protected for 2 years
    || Undisturbed Locations like stud cavities and crawlspaces- coating protected for 10+ years

  • Safety – Why would you continue to use harmful chemicals each time you clean? Superstratum Smart Polymer Coating contains EPA-registered ingredients so gentle they are found in children’s toys and skin products. 

  • Save time AND money – Cut down on the time and money you spend cleaning. Spend less money on plastic bottles and mold prevention chemicals. It’s much easier and cheaper to use a protected coating than it is to constantly clean it.

  • Countless uses – Grout, slippery sidewalks, boats, lifejackets, outdoor furniture and pillows, vents, air filters, mattresses, refrigerators, washing machines, garbage cans and more. 

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