Smart Polymer Coating - 32 oz - 12 pack
Front Label of 32 oz. Superstratum Mold & Mildew Protectant
Back Label of 32 oz. Superstratum Mold & Mildew Protectant

Smart Polymer Coating - 32 oz - 12 pack

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  • Superstratum is a COATING – Cleaners and disinfectants are meant to remove mold and microbe growth. But despite hundreds of products that remove mold, there has never been a product that can prevent mold from growing – until Superstratum

  • Once it is clean. Keep it Clean – Step 1: clean the surface with Superstratum Everyday Cleaner. Step 2: spray Superstratum Smart Polymer Coating and let dry || Showers and bathrooms – 10 weeks protection – Continue to refresh your shower with a light mist of Superstratum and you’ll never see that growth again. Outside the home – 2 years – Rain or shine Superstratum stays protected on your decks, patios, stucco, and vinyl.

  • Safety – Why would you continue to use harmful chemicals each time you clean? Superstratum Smart Polymer Coating uses EPA-registered ingredients so gentle they are found in children’s toys and skin products. 

  • Save time AND money – Cut down on the time and money you spend cleaning. Spend less money on plastic bottles and cleaning chemicals. It’s much easier and cheaper to maintain a protected surface than it is to constantly clean it.

  • Countless uses – Grout, slippery sidewalks, boats, lifejackets, outdoor furniture and pillows, vents, air filters, mattresses, refrigerators, washing machines, garbage cans. 

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